Frequently Asked Questions

What is PEGASUS?

PEGASUS is an intervention involving a discussion with a specially trained health professional and completion of a PEGASUS sheet that records and rates the patient’s own goals in relation to a particular surgical procedure.  It facilitates shared-decision making and clear communication between the patient and surgical team.

Is PEGASUS a decision aid?

No, it is an intervention to facilitate shared decision-making (see above).

I’m a patient considering having appearance-altering surgery. Can PEGASUS help me make my decision?

PEGASUS is only available through surgical teams who have been specially trained in its use, it is not currently available directly to patients

I’m a surgeon, can I use PEGASUS with my patients?

In line with recommendations for the development of complex interventions, studies are ongoing into the acceptability, feasibility and effectiveness of the PEGASUS intervention with a number of patient groups (see research).  Once these studies are completed, the PEGASUS intervention will be available, along with the necessary support materials, to health professionals working with patients in those groups in which it has been tested.   Please contact us if you are interested in using PEGASUS with a patient group that it has not yet been tested with, and would like to discuss potential collaboration to test its use with this group.

What's the theoretical basis to PEGASUS?

PEGASUS has been developed based on the principles of shared decision making, decision coaching, doctor-patient communication and MRC guidance for the development and evaluation of complex interventions. Further details of the theoretical basis of the intervention development and use will be included in future publications.

How can I learn more about PEGASUS?

Papers have been published on the development and evaluation of the PEGASUS intervention.  Click here​ for details :​